caution: duplicate, missing, or overlapping instructor submissionsof any form WILL cause serious delays in delivery,or cause your information not to appear as you may have wanted. THE LAST FORM SUBMITTED WILL OVERRIDE ANY PREVIOUS SUBMISSIONS.

Director’s Media Information & Access Form

This form is required to receive any media benefits, which may include a DVD of your team, online access, discounts or downloads. Every performing group requires it’s own separate form, for each season. If a field is not applicable (such as CD Title for a live performance) leave it blank. This information is for media/DVD only and has nothing to do with other organizations forms or requirement. We will contact you at your email address provided if we need additional information.

When this form is completed you will receive further instructions. Director’s will also receive emails with private URL (links) to web pages at the email address provided here. Please make sure your web server is set to allow our information through your filters. Director’s can contact us at [email protected] at any time for further assistance.

This is not a request for a music license, and only pertains to your performances filmed by Alliance Media. The information here will be provided to the video production company for their use in obtaining “New Media”, synchronization and mass production rights. It is strongly recommended that you check the appropriate band or winter guard activity websites to gain further insight into your responsibilities to them. We are a media production company with different responsibilities than your contests you choose to attend. Units to which music licenses are denied by the copyright holder may appear with video only on our products without audio, substitute audio or be omitted entirely.

If information needs to be edited, a new form needs to be filled out in its entirety and it will override the previous form.

I acknowledge that the above name is the director and/or responsible party

If you skip this step, you will need to begin a new form. It is your USERNAME, not EMAIL address. *